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The topic of the “need for care” is not only relevant for those of the older generation - it concerns everyone.

Because, as a result of an illness or an accident, anyone might require nursing care. However, this can entail tremendous financial costs for those concerned. Most people grossly underestimate the level of the monthly nursing costs which are incurred (in addition to the costs paid by statutory insurance). An additional insurance does not only protect you and your close relatives - also if such an insurance has been taken out the government does not have to make recourse to your relatives if you need nursing care. Statistically, over the years, the risk of needing care increases, while the payments met by the statutory insurance decline.

We are pleased to provide further details and sample calculations on request. Get the government subsidies to enhance your private nursing care insurance now.





In order to have a carefree life in old age, you have to make provisions early on.

Tax-privileged life and pension insurance schemes constitute a good option in this respect.

But which version is best? Where/how do I get the highest amount of subsidy? Are there other types of old-age income provision?

We would be pleased to answer these, as well as all other questions, in a personal meeting with you.





In order to make provisions for the worst and not leave your family destitute, you can protect yourself with a term life insurance.

You can protect your surviving dependants against financial distress for surprisingly small amounts of money.

Various components have to be taken into account in order to determine your individual requirement and the most favourable insurance. Annual income, potential liabilities due to real estate loans (mortgages) or other loans and the question of whether there are children (age?) are used as key factors. In addition to the sum insured, the length of the term of the contract is also of high importance.




German government-subsidised retirement pension scheme

The German government realised some time ago that the statutory pension alone is no longer sufficient to ensure a sufficient income for pensioners.

For this reason, the government supports and promotes a range of pension options:

  •     Riester pension (insurance, investment or residential property financing under a Riester scheme)
  •     Rürup pension
  •     Company pension
  •     Pension funds

as well as some others.

The answer to the question of which of these options is right for you has to be tailored to your specific situation. We are, of course, pleased to discuss this with you.