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Personal liability insurance is one of the most important insurances for private individuals.

"A person who intentionally or negligently unlawfully injures the life, body, health, freedom, property or another right of another person is liable to make compensation to the other party for the damage arising from this." (Section 823 German Civil Code (BGB)).

There is always the risk of causing damage in our day-to-day lives. And the compensation for these cases of damage can be extremely high, especially in those cases in which human beings are injured.





Protection for valuable belongings

The contents of an apartment or of a house are insurable. In the case of damage by fire, lightning, mains water, storm, hail, extensive natural element damage and/or burglary, the financial loss resulting from existence-threatening damage to all or part of a household can be significant. In specific cases, it can even pose a risk to the livelihood of the person concerned.

The household contents insurance comprises the entire contents of the household which are intended for use and consumption. Moreover, valuables, such as cash, jewellery and paintings, are included (up to certain indemnity ceilings).

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There is no guarantee of success in a court of law.

In the event of a lawsuit which is covered by the insurance, the insurance underwriter assumes the legal and court fees and the expenses involved in using experts and witnesses. Road transport legal expense insurances are sensible for everyone participating in road transport. Moreover, general legal expense insurance can also be a sensible option in other day-to-day situations.

Which kinds of legal expense insurances are available?

  •     Road transport legal expense insurances
  •     Private and professional legal expense insurance for employed or self-employed persons
  •     Legal expense insurance for vehicles
  •     Legal expense insurance for drivers
  •     Legal expense insurance for families
  •     Legal expense insurance for owners and tenants
  •     Protection in case of proceedings before the DFB [German Football Association] Sports Court
  • and various insurance combination packages

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For owners of real estate – regardless of whether they are owner-occupiers or let their property - this insurance is indispensable in order to protect their property. The objective is to insure such property against destruction and damage to the highest degree possible.

In this context, the building is insured against the following risks (depending on the desired scope of the policy): fire, mains water, storm/hail, flooding, snow, so-called extended damage due to the elements, wilful damage, loss of rent, glass breakage and many other risks.

Due to the complexity and individual specialties we would like to advise you after contacting us.