On the following sites you can find information about services offered in the field of Sports Insurance by DK Sportler beraten Sportler. We gladly advise you in a personal conversation and will also provide you with more information on request.




On account of the very large number of tariffs offered in the field of comprehensive health insurance, it is not practicable for us to list these here. We are, of course, pleased to prepare a tailor-made optimised offer for you.





In order to ensure continued payment of income after an accident and/or in the case of an illness.

More than 50% of all professional athletes covered by statutory or private health insurance schemes have a potentially existenz-threatening coverage gap after the end of the continued payment of salaries by the employer (usually after six weeks of illness) in the field of sickness benefits.

In order to minimise this risk we offer the possibility of a daily allowance insurance (of up to the normal net income) in form of an additional insurance policy, functioning as a supplement to the statutory or existing private health insurance.





Protection against the risk of disability is one of the most important insurance policies, especially, since the government-funded benefits are in no way sufficient.

For this reason, no professional athlete should forego this type of insurance - which forms an important basis of individual protection for your career and income.

This insurance provides compensation in the event that an accident or an illness causes permanent incapacity to work as an athlete. Over the last 20 years, a large number of players affected by this have benefited from such an insurance.




PTD - Permanent Total Disability Insurance

As a professional athlete, you have the possibility through an insurance to get a one time payment (e.g. EUR 500,000) in the event that you can no longer work as a professional athlete caused by an accident or illness.

We have cooperated with leading insurance companies for many years and have been able to prove our competence regarding the payment of benefits under these insurances in several cases.

This insurance provides financial compensation in the event that an accident or illness causes permanent disability - hence preventing further work as an athlete. Over the last 20 years, a number of sportsmen and women affected have benefited from this.





Accidents can happen at any time – on the roads, during your free-time or at work – in your case: while taking part in sporting activity.

A large number of people are already covered by the statutory insurance in certain situations, such as e.g. at work. In addition to this, a private accident insurance can fill in existing coverage gaps and, in this context, we have to consider the fact that payments by other insurances are not taken into account with regard to benefits granted by the private accident insurance underwriters.

The scope of such a policy can be formed individually - with every insurance underwriter offering individually tailored concepts. The elements of these concepts e.g. include payments in case of disability, death benefits, daily allowances in the event of accidents, daily allowances for hospital stays, convalescence benefits and accident pensions.

The types of cover we offer are valid worldwide, around the clock (24-hour policies) and they make payments if the person insured “is permanently impaired in his physical or mental performance as a result of an accident” – of impairment. Accident statistics show that covering the risk of an accident is sensible and forms an advisable addition to the statutory accident insurance provided by employers’ liability insurances. After all, accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Fortunately, the majority of accidents do not have serious consequences – but in many cases the victims of accidents are injured so seriously that they are unable to work or carry out their spare-time activities temporarily or in the long run. This can result in serious secondary health problems but also in fundamental, financial, psychological and social problems.